Pre School?

The little started pre-school last week. I have very VISCERAL memories of preschool: painted macaroni glued to paper, sensory corn tables, songs and laughter and story time, bright colors and simple, but engaging toys. There are of course more TERRIBLE memories like the time I broke my leg on the playground or that time I… Read More Pre School?



Right before Noah was born, one of the midwives relayed a story to me. “When a baby is born, three things come out: the baby, the placenta and a whole mess of guilt.” She told me I could go ahead and leave that guilt in the delivery room. It’s easy to focus on the things… Read More Guilt

Maker, Sewing


I’ve always felt like I came here to make something. Ever since I was a little girl I would imagine these scenarios or stories in my head, knowing they weren’t real, but being entertained by the very thought of it all. This is kind of like the maker’s dilemma. It’s very easy to imagine a… Read More Curtains


A Purpose Driven Life

Halloween is almost here. Last year I made Gabe’s Anakin robe, pulling a couple of all-nighters. There are very few things I find more satsifying in life than making a thing. It can be both cathartic and therapeutic. Most of all, with each mis-step, I’m learning something. I don’t believe that “perfect practice makes perfect.”… Read More A Purpose Driven Life



I love the smells of this season. I can’t do it all this year. The corn mazes, the hay rides and searching for the perfect pumpkin. Apple picking and figuring out what to do with all those apples once I get home. The earth smells damp and sweet all at the same time and as… Read More Seasons


Power Tools

I’ve been playing with power tools lately. I used to be so afraid I’d saw my arm off. I never had the opportunity to take shop class in middle school. Now I’ve learned to slowly embrace my inner builder. There’s a right and a wrong way to do things (SAFETY FIRST), but we should all… Read More Power Tools


Speak A Truth…

or better yet write your truth. Truth is a funny word. Lots of truths woven together become theory. A theory that has proven itself over and over again becomes fact. I’m curious to see how many truths I can string together this year.


Book Ends

Lately I’ve been trying to fit all my creative productivity into the beginning and end of my days. I’m realizing this strategy won’t work. When the stakes are high every moment counts. I measure my life in moments now. The most important ones are the ones I can control. The reasons to move forward are… Read More Book Ends