Speak A Truth…

or better yet write your truth. Truth is a funny word. Lots of truths woven together become theory. A theory that has proven itself over and over again becomes fact. I’m curious to see how many truths I can string together this year.


Book Ends

Lately I’ve been trying to fit all my creative productivity into the beginning and end of my days. I’m realizing this strategy won’t work. When the stakes are high every moment counts. I measure my life in moments now. The most important ones are the ones I can control. The reasons to move forward are… Read More Book Ends

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The Family We Choose

Everywhere I look I still see inspiring things. Things I can’t control. Things I didn’t plan for; things that bring me to my knees. People are counting on me to do the “right” thing. Somehow, despite my meandering, happiness has found me. I doubt it will ever leave. I spent time this week with dear… Read More The Family We Choose


Fall Thoughts

I’ve been wondering lately – is it wise to leave things undone in one day or try and fit it all in? The start to the school year has been incredible, more abundant than I could have imagined and yet I’m still left with this sense of missing out – reminded of all the things… Read More Fall Thoughts

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Feeling Humbled

I’ve been thinking about this concept of failing fast. I’m experimenting with youtube this week. The elder is really digging youtube right now and I realize I have a responsibility to take interest in the media he consumes. In the future I’ll have a responsibility in the content he creates. I’ve never been afraid of… Read More Feeling Humbled


Goal Setting

When I look back a full year I realize I’m further along than I once was. Today marks the Autumnal Equinox. This is my favorite season. Crisp, cool mornings, reinstating simple rituals and routines and the excitement for what long, dark days might represent (more partying and possibly, more sleep). Everything in life has seasons.… Read More Goal Setting

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Back To School

Gabe started Kindergarten last week. I love him. He’s a natural born leader. Today he starts YMCA lessons. Noah does too. I get to join Noah on this journey, but Gabe had to make his way on his own. I love this about my two boys. They make their own way. This is mommyhood. Figuring… Read More Back To School

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I abandoned this project. I realized it was time to concentrate my efforts on the self expression, on the art. I still don’t have a current product to sell.  I think it’s wise to expect such things from myself if I want to build this business. Right now my focus continues to be on honing… Read More Patterns

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Rebuilding Year?

My crochet isn’t going so well. I know I can do this. I know what I’m doing. I just can’t find the time.  I’m so livid right now. I’m so past hiding it. This is my work. I earned this. I can’t unlearn it.  I can, however, find a way to to restructure it.