Pre School?

The little started pre-school last week. I have very VISCERAL memories of preschool: painted macaroni glued to paper, sensory corn tables, songs and laughter and story time, bright colors and simple, but engaging toys. There are of course more TERRIBLE memories like the time I broke my leg on the playground or that time I… Read More Pre School?

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The Family We Choose

Everywhere I look I still see inspiring things. Things I can’t control. Things I didn’t plan for; things that bring me to my knees. People are counting on me to do the “right” thing. Somehow, despite my meandering, happiness has found me. I doubt it will ever leave. I spent time this week with dear… Read More The Family We Choose

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Back To School

Gabe started Kindergarten last week. I love him. He’s a natural born leader. Today he starts YMCA lessons. Noah does too. I get to join Noah on this journey, but Gabe had to make his way on his own. I love this about my two boys. They make their own way. This is mommyhood. Figuring… Read More Back To School


Never Forget

My dad was in The Pentagon on September 11, 2001. I don’t really talk about it much. It’s not really my story to tell. 125 people died there, but my dad survived. Then I think (and look and feel) back on it and wonder why it’s so important to remember such things. I still can’t… Read More Never Forget