We See What We Want To See

Statistics don’t lie, but people lie with statistics.

This was a favorite quote from a mentor of mine in college. This is one of the many facets of my degree…it’s not enough to just collect the data. One of the key parts is then to actually dissect and analyze the data in order to better understand what the ‘numbers’ mean and what’s really going on here.

Most people are content to settle for surface understanding of an issue or subject rather than delve deeper into the actual mechanics of a problem or idea. What you see (or feel, in some cases) at first blush is enough to form an opinion and make some noise.

What I’m concerned with is what will we be able to carry into the next generation. The ‘future’ as it were, is happening – right now. How are we leading, teaching and encouraging each other to make sense of our world ; with the backgrounds, stories and identities we each bring to the table and with the ever increasingly complex problems we face?

More food for thought (and as I told my son this morning, no, those aren’t city buildings in the third image down. It’s a bar graph. ;)).

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