Fierce Fall Tree courtesy of Yvette
Fierce Fall Tree courtesy of Yvette

I love the smells of this season.

I can’t do it all this year. The corn mazes, the hay rides and searching for the perfect pumpkin. Apple picking and figuring out what to do with all those apples once I get home. The earth smells damp and sweet all at the same time and as my friend pointed out there’s nothing better than the “crrrrrrunch” of leaves underfoot. There are a million and one fall festivals and I’M MISSING THEM!!! Also, the days of my boys wanting to make fall nature collages might be over.

I have faith that these things will come around again – I don’t have to do it all in one season and over the years I’ve certainly tucked away enough memories to know these events and opportunities have a way of repeating themselves.

So, for now, I choose to delight in all the things I have done, all the things I will do and even all the things I’m missing out on.

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