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Back To School

Gabe started Kindergarten last week.

I love him. He’s a natural born leader.

Today he starts YMCA lessons. Noah does too. I get to join Noah on this journey, but Gabe had to make his way on his own.

I love this about my two boys. They make their own way. This is mommyhood. Figuring out which path they choose for themselves and which path I choose lead them along.

Every Wednesday I reach that breaking point. I think “maybe we should move to a three-day work week.”

But the “work” never ends and part of me loves that now. I was ready to get “back-to-school” this year. Being that I’m a life-long learner this is no surprise. I just hope this year I can make it all fit.

I’ve been experimenting with Snapchat lately. Here are my thoughts on this Sunday’s Water Communion:

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