Showing Up & The Art of Letting Go


I love this quotation by Isabel Allende. It’s so true.

I almost failed my first week of the 100 days project. Almost being the operative word, but I got my act together and managed to pull through into this week…


I see where I want to be with the work so clearly. There’s an event at the end of June and I want to sign up to be a vendor. Even if it doesn’t work out I’m going to go ahead and finish a bunch of project bags and post them to the etsy shop. I’ve also been thinking about an art project I want to do, no, need to do and there are other little to-dos I can’t stop thinking about. I’m not quite sure how all these things will get done, but they must get done. This is where priorities come in and being able to say NO to things. Again, my people-pleasing past-self has anxieties about these kinds of things, but after listening to an archive of Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative Podcast this week I think I have the resolve to push through.

I also started purging so many things in our house. I cleaned the second floor Saturday and made a tiny dent in the basement. It’s so easy to accumulate so much stuff – most of it well intentioned and meaningless. It’s hard because I’m constantly riddled with so much guilt over getting rid of things, knowing I’m pouring money down the drain or filling landfills. There is really only one remedy to this and that’s conscious spending on the backend so we don’t accumulate so much crap in the first place. Most things are nonessentials in life and yet our culture holds them in such high regards that it’s tough letting go.

This is my task for the month of May. Letting go of all the things that no longer serve me so I can accomplish all the things that are important to me.

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