Mountains Out of Mole Hills

Yesterday Noah went to the hospital to be fitted for a half spica cast (up his right leg and around his torso). This is better than a full spica cast (both legs) and although it presents some challenges it means his leg will be stabilized and heal the way it’s supposed to.

In the weeks and days leading up to Noah’s accident I was in a funk. Worried about things out of my control, thinking about my miscarriage (it happened a week after Easter), Olive’s death and the death of a former colleague.

None of those things really matter now. I mean, they matter, but not in the way they did before this happened.

Sometimes we get stuck and it’s hard to recognize when that is happening or how it’s even possible to break through.

During Noah’s procedure I started reading Just Mercy for a book discussion at the end of April. I’m only 20 pages in, but am already loving the book. I felt it while I was a Sociology student at UT – so many of the world’s issues seem greater than any one person can rectify and the more you learn about the world the easier it is to slip into apathy and escapism – because really, “what difference can I make?” I already love this book because Stevenson records that feeling so beautifully and it’s already clear that this may be one of the many stories of hope that I’ve been looking for.

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